Bookings for Digital Skills & Coding Clubs

Please click the relevant school below to book your child into the digital skills & coding clubs for their school


Can I have a trial session?
No, we don‘t offer trial sessions.
How payment works?

We do payments by card (debit or credit) via our Community Coding Club website as above by selecting your relevant school. We do not accept PayPal, cheque, cash or childcare vouchers. There are no discounts for siblings.

Are there refunds?

There is no refund if your child decides not to continue after the course starts.

Which coding do you teach?

We teach Fuze BASIC Coding, which offers a really intuitive interface for kids to learn a code. Our lessons are about teaching the fundamentals of coding, not a specific language. To this aim, we use the procedural language called Basic.

What software do we use to run the sessions?

Normally we will utilise USB sticks within our own network when running the sessions. At the schools discretion, they may choose to download Fuze onto their own system. Alternatively, when neither of these is an option, we will bring in our own laptops with Fuze pre-installed.

Who will teach the clubs?

The session will be run by our DBS enhanced trainers. There will be two trainers- at least one of our own, along with a teaching assistant, or another one of our trainers.

What will my child have learnt by the end of the 10 weeks?

By the end of the first term of an introductory term, they will have been exposed to a lot of new terminology and vocabulary around the coding environment e.g. variables, procedures, functions. As well as picking up skills around using a computer, an editor, saving, loading etc. This is in addition to ancillary skills like keys on a keyboard, punctuation, cursor, input and output etc.

What level will my child be at after a year of coding club?

As you probably know, learning to code is like learning a new language, 10 hours is not going to produce a student who suddenly knows everything, but if the student stays on at the club throughout the year and into the following years, they will be an exceptional programmer by the end who will be able to write code in almost any language.

What will my child get by end of the course?

Your child will receive a certification relevant to their course for example beginners, beginners+, intermediate, advanced.

Will there be homework?

We are working on a pack for parents and students to have an additional home study element should they wish to continue at home. This is not yet ready.

Will my child be playing games?

This course is about learning and not just about playing games. However, they will have fun learning how to code games during the course.

What I should do when I’m unable to book?

Send us an email with your registration details to

ETC Group

214 Whitby Road


01923 375 210