Assemblies for your School

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel” – Socrates

We can do a talk at an assembly for your whole school to engage the brains of your children on various topics.

From e-Safety, to Women in Tech to Entrepreneurship to Digital Skills. Which one would you like?

How much do your children know about the digital world? What is coming and what careers are available?

Ensuring our children are streetwise with tech

In line with our aim to develop Digital Skills in Communities, we are providing Free “Digital” assemblies to schools across London, and the surrounding Communities, to raise awareness on the importance of developing “Digital Skills”,and teach our children how to be Streetwise in the digital world, so that our Future Generations are equipped to thrive in the Modern World.

Streetwise with …

Digital Role Models

Our Young Digital Role Models are visiting schools, to deliver exciting, informative assemblies that raise awareness on various Future technologies, the software that powers them and the careers that will be needed to sustain them. 

Lifeskills & e-Safety

Students will learn how to stay safe in the real and the digital world. They will be learn about important issues, such as personal presentation, addiction, and conflict resolution.

Women in Technology

Did you know that only 20% of jobs in technology are held by women? Why is this?

Our Women in Technology are keen to change this – to show young women that there are plenty of opportunties for women in tech, and also some significant females that have pioneered various roles in the field of technology. 

Young Entrepreneurs Club

What is an entrepreneur? What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? 

The Entrepreneurs Club are visiting schools to teach students about the qualities of an entrepreneur, some key skills in business, and the different backstories of various famous entrepreneurs. 

Digital Skills

The Digital World is here. The future is exciting and scary.

Our team is here to raise awareness of how technology is a tool; it is not inherently good or bad, it is simply how it is used. Technology is all around us, and students need to be aware of how they have become reliant on it!

Ultimately, careers are changing, due to technology, and students need to be ready to learn new skills, so that they can thrive in the Digital World.

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