Our Project Focus Day / STEAM Day


The I.D.E.A.S. BUS is coming to schools to enhance the delivery of Education Technoloy (ED-TECH.)

Our goal is a simple one: to demonstrate how technology can be used more effectively in the classroom – across a range of subjects.

Whether VR inspires a writer to develop a new story, or 3D printing encourages an artist to work on a new design, there is always a place for technology in education.



Develop computational thinking, literacy, and problem solving skills in our Coding workshop. 

Your children will learn about how code powers all forms of technology. By the end of the session, they will have successfully designed and developed their own programme.

Creative Sport

Your children will work as part of a team; developing their rapport building and creative design skills, as they work towards building their own game, and then participating in it.

The emphasis is on how CREATIVE a game the students can make. Can they come up with a unique sporting game. 

We hope to incoporate different types of technology into sport; e.g how does a heartbeart monitor work? 

Creative Writing

Your children will develop their creative writing skills, through guided storytelling. By the end of the session, they will have written their own short story.

We can take this further and have children act out and film their stories one day as short films when combined with the Digital Photography activity. 


Reveal your children’s individuality through dance – working in collaboration with others so that by the end of the session they will have composed their own unique dance routine. 

We would like to introduce dance technology such as dance mats and electro suits as we expand. 

Digital Photography

Your children will learn to utilise their creativity and explore their imagination – creating their own narrative through Photography and Video.

What are the basics of taking a photo, how does lighting affect a photo, what is exposure; there are the outcomes we expect children to be able to walk away with. 

Music Technology

Your children will learn about the History of Music; gaining an insight into how technology empowers music today, through the use of different software. How has music changed over time. How does music affect our mood. 

What is the link between culture and music? 

By the end of the session, students will have created their own songs, beats and rhythms – if they have listened carefully they will have used sounds with inspiration from different cultures.


Your children will learn how to stay safe in the real and the digital world. They will learn many life skills which is going to aid them in their development as they approach high school. 

Personal development is something which humans do their entire lives. Teaching this skill / concept early on enables children to quickly get a grasp on who they are. 

How their actions can affect others. 

How their feelings can overide logical and critical thinking. 

The importance of remaining calm and resolving conflict. 

Young Entrepreneur Club

Your children will join a very exclusive club, as they learn about key attributes of an Entrepreneur; idea generation, pitching and strong communication abilities.

With the content created by trainers who have run their own businesses in the past; pupils will get the opportunity to see how a real life business can be formed.

By the end of the session, they class is split into groups and will present an idea to the rest of the class for a product or service.

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