Education is key to provide awareness, safety, progression, jobs, understanding and so many more important things in our lives.

Technology is what can drive social mobility, productivity, automation, convenience, innovation and many other exciting things.

Community brings us a sense of safety, purpose, acceptance, general wellbeing. Traits we are losing today with our busy lives.

our story

As technology becomes increasingly relevant in our lives, it has become critical to explore and understand the ins and outs of its functioning.

What better place to start but in our schools and with our young people. Today’s generation was born with technology in their lives and it only makes sense for them to learn it along with other subjects of their curriculum.

However, we’ve not reached a stage yet where technology is taught as part of the curriculum and hence we believed it is essential for this knowledge to be taught in some way or the other in a formal set up.

That’s how the Coding Club was born; to bridge the gap between what the formal curriculum offers and what it doesn’t.

With 50 schools and more than a 500 students already part of the club, we are hoping to reach every student of every school in the country in the next 3 years

What We Do

We act as a collaborator to schools; partnering with their staff members to provide FREE Computing curriculum teaching to students.

Through this, we are also able to offer CPD to teachers, so that they can gain more confidence in teaching the Computing Curriculum and so that our children are being taught these crucial Digital Skills that are essential in the Modern Digital World.

This is all made available through the fantastic schools and parents, that fund our After-School Digital skills clubs, which act as a funding nucleus for all the FREE support we provide schools with.

This is our mission.
This is our journey.
We are here to make a change.
With Your Help we will reach the
Amazing Heights!

Get in contact with us. We need more great people to come on board. We need more great people donating. We need more great people talking about us.

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