Workshops for your Students

“Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Taking a class of your students and doing a practical workshop with them on the topics below.

From e-Safety, to Women in Tech to Entrepreneurship to Digital Skills. Which one would you like?

How much do your children know about the digital world? What is coming and what careers are available?

Making children our top priority

In line with our aim to develop Digital Skills in Communities, we are providing Free “Digital” workshops to schools across London, and the surrounding Communities, to raise awareness on the importance of developing “Digital Skills”, so that our Future Generations are equipped to thrive in the Modern World.

Streetwise with …

Digital Role Models

Our Digital Role Models are providing workshops to students, to help them develop their knowledge of various digital careers; that they can translate their passions into a pathway, and how technology is constantly evolving.

Lifeskills & e-Safety

Students will work in groups, and learn about many key life skills, such as how to conduct yourself during an interview, how to communicate an idea with articulacy and confidence, and how to stay safe on social media.

Women in Technology

Our Women in technology are delivering workshops to students, to help generate an interest in technology; the different career paths that can stem from it, and to get a gauge as to how many of our young women want to pursue a career in tech.

Young Entrepreneurs Club

The Young Entrepreneurs club is open for entry! Students will be exposed to the world of business; to what an entrepreneur is – through various group activites that are geared to develop key skills, such as rapport building, idea curation and public-speaking(pitching).

Digital Skills

Digital Skills are more important than ever. The world is changing and future generations cannot afford to play catch-up.

Our Digital Pathfinders are running workshops where they are teaching students about various different forms of technology; the Digital skills that were used in their creation, and ultimately how a lack of Digital skills can be dangerous to society.

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