Hello and Welcome! We love to keep kids busy doing techy things at home too. We have some very exciting games here that you can use to develop your coding skills. You can learn to create your own webpages, or play coding games, or even make your own music!

Make sure you ask permission from your adults before you use anything on the internet. And remember to practice online safety.


For of you who already attend our clubs and would like to try their hand at programming with FUZE basic at home, you can download it HERE


This is a website using drag and drop boxes of code to get the player through a maze and reach a goal. Each time you pass a level, you unlock new code boxes.


Here is a website with several games you can play with from classification of animals to a point and shoot game with canons – all using code!


You may have used Scratch at schools – here is a cool online version you can try at home. This is one of the best ways to learn the basic constructs of coding.

Isle Of Tune

This is a fun game to try if you’re interested in music – you can make a musical town with roads and houses and trees that play music!

You can also use this website to learn coding. They have excellent tutorials to take you through the projects


This is a website which has a great online photo editor


If you want to learn how to create a web page then this is the place to go.

Typing Club

This is a fantastic website to brush up your typing skills.

ETC Group

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