Collaboration with your School

Working together in a collaboration we can help each other help your students and local community.

Welcome to Community Coding Club.
A non profit social enterprise.

Our social purpose is to bring digital skills, awareness and opportunities to local communities in collaboration with schools.

Help us educate our children, parents, teachers and senior citizens on how to use technology to great effect whilst staying safe.

Digital Skills

We are helping schools, students, teachers and parents become more attuned with digital skills – the digital skills that are required to be able to thrive in the digital world.

The schools we collaborate with enable us to work more closely with their local communities.

One day we will support all schools across the UK and subsequently all communities with your help.


After School Clubs

We run after-school Digital Skills clubs, to provide children with the opportunity to learn a number of important skills, that will equip them to thrive in the modern digital world.

Our after-school clubs are a nucleus that funds a number of our additional free ventures. This enables us to collaborate more closely with schools, teachers and students.

If you are interested in setting up a club in your school, please go to our contact page. 

Holiday Camps

We offer holiday camps to local communities that are hosted by our collaborative schools. We aim to provide an opportunity for children to learn a variety of extra-curricular skills, that are seldom taught during term time.

As a social enterprise, we offer these camps at an affordable rate, so as to ensure the whole community can benefit from them. 

STEAM Day / Project Focus Day

Our Project Focus day provides an opportunity for students and staff to experience a holistic, blended learning environment with a multitude of different digital subjects. 

Powered through the I.D.E.A.S. Bus – our sister company’s bright yellow American school bus; that is fitted with the latest exciting technology which we bring to your school! 



We feel our education system is plagued by a lack of specialists that are confident in approaching, interpreting and ultimately delivering Computing lessons to children in schools today.

Therefore, we provide local schools with trainers that deliver our own Computing curriculum that is in line with the aims of the national curriculum and rapidly changing global digital trends.

Our specialist teachers are funded through the nucleus of our after school clubs, at no extra cost to the school.

If you are interested in finding out more
please get in touch,
providing your name, school name and LEA.

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