What our Wonderful, collaborative schools are saying…

Steve Johnson, ICT Lead
Highwood Primary School (Watford)

“The After school community coding club is proving to be smash hit with the children. Their enthusiasm is boundless and increases after every club session. They are constantly amazed at what they can achieve and the quality of teaching from the Coders is terrific. The children’s ability to remain focussed has increased and they are always keen to progress. A fantastic club.”

Mrs. S Johnston, Deputy Headteacher
Bishop Winnington Ingram Church of England School (Hillingdon)

“Calum has really got the children attending excited and intensely interested in coding! The games and development of learning has allowed the children to fully understand the concepts of computing in a holistic way. Children know that what they see on the screen has a lot more behind, and that they can develop this in their own way. We have some budding programmers in our school now.”

ICT Lead
St. Marys Primary School (Hillingdon)

“The Coding Club is going really well. All the children who attend are enjoying the club from years 2 – 6.”

Spencer Guy, ICT Lead
Coppett Primary School (Barnet)
“This ticks two boxes for us. It runs our coding club and supports our staff. So it both ups the skills of the children and the teachers. I also love the fact that it’s continuous. And I know the demand is there.”
Deputy Head Teacher
Cromer Primary School (Barnet)
“This sounds really exciting. Especially about preparing kids for the future.”
Head Teacher
Edgeware Primary School (Barnet)
“It sounds like a great idea that will teach children key skills in coding. And it is a great opportunity for an apprentice to develop new skills in preparation for working life.”
Head Teacher
Millbrook Primary School (Barnet)
“We will ensure we support the apprentice when it comes to learning, Teaching and developing.”
Calvin Robinson, Head of ICT
St Mary’s & St.John’s Church of England school (Barnet)
“I decided to see you guys just to hear you out but wasn’t really expecting anything from the meeting. I was pretty sure there was some kind of ridiculous catch. But what you guys are doing is brilliant and amazing. I love it. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s a no brainer – a definite yes from me.”
ASAZS (Brent)
“This service is amazing and it helps the major lack of this School.”
Deputy Head Teacher
Holy Family Roman Catholic School (Brent)
“This is something that is much needed. A gap that Primary School teachers struggle to fill. This will help their children succeed.”
Mr.Gawa, ICT Lead
Preston Manor Upper (Brent)
“Broadly speaking this is a good start for students to make a start in their careers in the tech industry.”
Assistant Head Teacher
Preston Park (Brent)
“I’ll be joining the apprentices because I’ve got three children that will be looking at me and expecting me to help them with ICT matters.”
Fiona Kaplan, Head Teacher
Ark Byron (Ealing)
“I think this is brilliant. It’s really amazing, and there is terrific demand for it.”
Mr.Greenglass, Co-Head Teacher
Clifton Primary School (Ealing)
“It’s good to have someone who can show us how to teach ICT from a different perspective.“
Deputy Head Teacher
Dormer’s Primary School (Ealing)
“This is great for upskilling our teachers and helping them get the skills they didn’t have before.”
Wendy Leu, Head ICT
Dormer’s Primary School (Ealing)
“I think this is really good idea and I don’t have the skills to run the clubs myself.“
Melanie Tyndall, Deputy Head Teacher
East Acton Primary School (Ealing)

“This service is so on-point. It is exactly what schools are looking for. Not only will the children gain from it but Teachers can also learn from the apprentice.”

Rebecca Donaghy, Deputy Head Teacher
Horsenden Primary School (Ealing)
“This is an excellent way to ensure our students are prepared for the future.”
Head Teacher
Oldfield Primary School (Ealing)
“This sounds promising, and it is a good way of getting IT started.”
Richard Guaci, ICT
Our Lady Morning Roman Catholic Church (Ealing)
“This is what we need at school, which is to make Computing more exciting. It will also boost the staff.”
Liam Styles
St Mary’s Church Of England Primary School (Ealing)
“This is an excellent service that will help teachers who are not confident with ICT and at the same time gives children the opportunity to develop their ICT skills.”
ICT Lead
Tudor Primary School (Ealing)
“This is really valuable. There is evidence that it could be really valuable to the staff and the children. We see, understand and believe in the vision.”
Head Teacher
Camrose Primary School (Harrow)
“I think this is a really great idea that will help children to get the most from the Computing Curriculum. The training for staff is so limited and it is still the one area that teachers are struggling so this really helps and the club is a big bonus.”
Cedars Manor primary school (Harrow)

“I really like the philosophy of this idea, and it will certainly appeal to our community.”

Satwinder Wilks, ICT Lead
Nower Hill High School (Harrow)
“This is a great support tool for teachers, because some don’t feel confident with teaching coding.”
Deputy Head Teacher
Whitefriars Primary School (Harrow)
“I think it is a very good idea. If I was a parent I would be more than happy for my daughter to be involved.”
Matt Goodchild, ICT Lead
Hillside Junior School (Hillingdon)
“You are trying to partner with us and not make money from us. I like that.”
Deputy Head
William Byrd (Hillingdon)
“In theory this seems too good to be true. It’s going to meet our coding needs.”
Steve Johnson, ICT Lead
Highwood Primary School (Watford)
“I think this is an absolutely fantastic concept – bringing-in the expertise to subjects where many teachers are struggling. It brings the real world into the school.”
ICT Lead
Little Readings (Watford)
“I think this is a great idea. I like the idea of us working together for the sake of the kids.”
Head Teacher
Stanborough Primary School (Watford)
“There is great potential here. I like the principle of funding the teaching through a club. The reality is we don’t have a budget to employ someone for this, so to have someone to help to upskill the children and improve the confidence of the teachers is wonderful. It is a great service, and in terms of an After School club it has great sustainability – it’s reasonably future proof.“
Head Teacher
St.John’s (Watford)
“It is such a crucial skill, but we also want to ensure they have the creative skills in order to ensure balance. It’s great that we’ll have someone to supply us and our children with ICT learning and for a small school like ours it is very much needed. I think it is a brilliant idea.”

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