By partnering with us, you will not only be investing in the wellbeing of Britain’s medium and long-term future, but also firmly establish your organisation’s ongoing success.

Experience, Technology and Value


Using your own reach to aid us, you are also helping in our aim of supporting all Communities in the UK; students and teachers, from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds.

third Sector

We are actively looking to partner with other like-minded social enterprises, non-profit organisations and charities to work with us in enabling us to reach all communities; without limitation.


We are beginning to partner with local councils and MP’s, to aid in our objective of Developing Digital Skills in Communities.

Benefits To Your Organisation

In return, not only will you have access to the innovators of tomorrow, but by partnering with us, you guarantee the strengthening of your brand, and the positioning of your company as an authority in the digital space.

Furthermore, we will naturally help you to promote and sell your products and services.

Finally, you will have access to, and usage of our renowned IDEAS Bus (in itself a vehicle for tech development and innovation). The IDEAS Bus will enable you to take your products across the nation in a fun, engaging, and imaginative fashion.


As more and more organisations desperately search for individuals who possess that priceless and critical ‘x-factor’, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Degrees, MBAs and Doctorates are no longer enough to guarantee success in today’s digital age.

Rather than the norms of knowledge and theory, most companies desire employees that are able to innovate, find solutions to problems, and think creatively.

The ability to thrive in the digital space is no longer a ‘wish’, but a ‘must’ for most companies. And we’re sure you agree yours is no different.

This is your opportunity to realign and address your company’s future.

Trusted Partners


Our Sister Company: The I.D.E.A.S. Bus, aids us in delivering the latest cutting-edge technology, from the world of ED-tech to our schools.

The bright yellow American school bus never fails to leave a sea of smiles on students faces, as it travels from school to school, providing a unique, modern, learning experience.

Women in Tech

We are partnering with Women in Tech, to ensure that opportunities are accessible to all; to harbour an environment in schools and the wider community, where children regardless of background are engaged, active pathfinders in the world of technology.

FUZE Basic

Fuze provides a vessel for us to deliver an exciting, educational induction for students into the world of code. 

A variety of resources, and compatibility with the Nintendo Switch, makes Fuze the ideal foundation for students to develop their Coding knowledge. 


We aim to provide every young student of every school in the United Kingdom, the opportunity to learn and develop Digital skills, thereby empowering children, organisations, and the nation as a whole, to thrive in both today, and tomorrow’s world.

But we need your help to achieve this very necessary and critical goal.


You can partner with us by providing resources that will further impact our programmes; such as hardware, software, practical facilities, and even guest-lecturing – nothing brings inherent abilities and skills to life so much as hands-on, practical learning.

Why Guest Lecturing?

Because it gives you an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of Britain’s young pupils; thereby enabling you to identify the necessary areas to invest, in order to overcome challenges of tomorrow.

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