Digital Marketer / Junior Content Producer
Apprenticeship Level 3

Recruiting now for:
  • 30 Hour Week
  • 4 Hour or 8 Hour Shifts Across 3 to 6 Days Per Week
  • Monday to Sunday Available
  • 12-14 Month Duration
This role would suit someone who has:
  • Barista experience
  • Worked in hospitality
  • Customer service experience
  • A desire to do marketing
  • Skills producing content
  • A career change mentality
  • South Ruislip, Hillingdon
Positions Available:
  • 9
Closing Date:
  • 31st January 2020
Learning & hands on practice with an Income of:
  • £500+ per month (plus bonus)

ETC Group is a non-profit social enterprise (charity status pending) aiming to provide digital skills to the local community ie young people, parents, teachers, senior citizens.

Role Details:

  • Helping start, launch and run a digital technology café & training centre

  • Doing all the marketing work across multiple platforms to get the business going

  • Helping run the café once business starts to come in

  • Build up referral strategies and community networks

  • Potentially helping teach digital skills to the local community

Pass on your digital skills and earn some extra money

  • Create and run marketing activities for other businesses

Get more experience and references

We Offer:
  • Bonus money for good marketing work achieved
  • Free training with lots of hands on activities to help you learn
  • Hours are flexible.  You choose your shifts

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ETC Group

214 Whitby Road


01923 375 210