Month: May 2018

The importance of learning Coding in the 21st Century

At the age of 19, and in the year 2018, it is fair to say that I joined the Coding game late. A booming video game industry.  Million of applications being developed between the likes of Apple and Android. The development of new, complex software and code, is an increasingly important endeavour for this generation.

As we seek to push technology to new levels, we ought not let ourselves be swept up by this tide of technology that is consuming our society.

It is commonplace now for social engagements to be held not outside, in close proximity to their peers, but amongst their computers, conversing digitally rather than physically. Now, this can be good in moderation, however, the old adage: to go get exercise, is not a constructive tool to engage the more introverted children. Instead, capturing their enthusiasm for technology by getting them to understand how it works, how their favourite game has been coded, is integral in capitalising on a generation christened in technology.

Coding is a skill in demand; the aforementioned expansion of apps and gaming, illustrates the pressing need for more and more developers. Moreover, fiscal competition between companies demands consistent innovation, so as to try and gain the edge over competitors. Thus, by becoming a coder, you enter a field that requires one very simple skill: the ability to code.

Therefore, it is important to integrate coding and technology within the Education system, as we aim to do at Commun-IT. From Primary School, through to High School; providing after school Coding Clubs to allow this new generation to understand the inner workings of the technology that they live with, and even depend on.

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